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but i know your heart belongs to someone you've yet to meet

Some call it love and some call it sex.


Lib | 21 | ♥

LJ is friends only. Add away tho, all I ask is you leave a short message at the designated post or send me a quick message. I hardly update my LJ and I'm kind of a bad LJ friend. If you really want to find me, ask for my msn, gtalk or aim. I have all three :D If you're here for JE fics, all the ones posted here will remain open while all new ones (which is basically most of them) can be found at my writing comm. If you're here for DBSK related fics, that's at my fic lj.

My real life basically consists of the holy trinity : chocolate, coffee and books ♥

Fandoms :

JE - Arashi, NEWS, and K8. Not in any particular order in terms of favorites (which would be Eito in case you were wondering). Started out as an Arashi fangirl and have since then gone on to love NEWS and the Eito boys. Johnny's Entertainment has got to be one of the gayest and sparkliest industries I know of and I'm sad to say it but I'm out of the fandom. Still, you'll find me occasionally flailing over Ryo (my obvious bias) and Aiba (because he's stupidly attractive that way) ♥

Kpop - Crossed to the shiny and hot world of Korean men. I'm pretty much a full-fledged Kpop fangirl nowadays. The fandom is pretty awesome even if the real life fans are batshit and insane. I like mostly SM groups, Super Junior (including SJ-M with the awesomeness that is Henry Lau), SNSD (gah, okay hard to resist) and of course, DBSK. I also love Epik High and Big Bang but in the end, my allegiance lies towards the THSK/DBSK/TVXQ and whatever else they're known as. I ship Homin hard, real hard and I'm a Shim Changmin kind of girl ♥

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